Photo courtesy of Land of Nod

Last year I was approached by Land of Nod around licensing two of my most popular designs, the periodic table and solar system, with some changes to palette. They’ve launched their fall 2013 collection and I can finally share in my excitement! The pieces have been created as wall murals; loose canvas with large grommets for hanging. I received samples last month and they are fantastic. To be honest, though, I was most anxious to see them styled in their (always eagerly anticipated) catalog, which has long been a source of inspiration.

And, look! There they are!

Photo courtesy of Land of Nod

The murals are 39 x 29 inches and retail for $99. You can find the periodic table here and the solar system here.

Earlier this year I finished up LON commissions for 5 growth charts, which I believe will be available later in the year (sneak preview below). All will be available for personalization.

LON will also be selling my Things That Go series as mounted canvases, available early next year.

I am continually updating my Etsy shop as well, so be sure to pay a visit!





by Penny on May 17, 2013

My best friend Leanne is coming to see me. Tonight! Tonight tonight tonight!

I can’t wait, I miss her like crazy. She flew to NYC while I was there for fashion week and we bought BFFSFOREVAH necklaces–super cute venn diagrams from Yellow Owl Workshop.

And now, for some music. Leanne is my dancing soulmate after all.

I can’t really remember when I discovered Deadmau5, but I am a little obsessed because deep down I am a club kid who likes all manner of electronic music. But, because I am old as fuck I didn’t realize just how popular he is. Not until I was ordering a shower curtain on Urban Outfitters and it was like a Deadmau5 licensing nightmare. Oh well.

God, I wonder how hot he gets in that mouse head.

Also, guaranteed my dad has started this video and is shaking his head and thinking “is this the child I raised….why doesn’t this girl like any decent music…”

So, because I can only talk about how much I love Mark Knoffler and Kate Bush and America so much, let’s move on to non-ancient music my dad actually likes. !!! has a new album out, which he actually informed me of in a text this afternoon.

So, if you don’t like the funky awesomeness that is !!!, then….you pretty much suck and you can stop reading this blog right now because I don’t want to know you*.

In the same vein, yum yum yummy it’s The Rapture.

This the coolest video I’ve seen for awhile. I’m sure you’re familiar with XX. This is probably my favorite song from this album and the video is soooooo cool!

Alright that’s enough loves.

Hope all is well with any of you out in webland still checking in…

* Just kidding.

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Tomorrow’s Daft Air { Songbook }

by Penny on April 27, 2013

Pretties, did you know that Daft Punk is coming out with a new album soon? Also, Air has an awesome little side project in Tomorrow’s World. Check ‘em out below.


C’est Bien { Slove }

by Penny on April 22, 2013

I have been listening to Slove’s album, Le Danse, on repeat. It’s bomb.

Hope all is well, doves.



by Penny on January 25, 2013

With these shoes.


A/W 2013 { Fashion Week }

by Penny on January 22, 2013


I am heading to NY in early February for fashion week. My company became a sponsor last season so I will be helping staff a booth at the center on my “working” days. One of my (very) unofficial new year resolutions was to stop being such a lazy slob and up my fashion game…and maybe put on makeup once in awhile. This trip has obviously given me a much needed kick in the ass, and a reason to go shopping :-)

This isn’t a glamorous trip; when I am not working the booth on my feet I will be doing research around the city, so comfortable shoes are my first essential, followed by anything that will keep me warm in the winter weather. While at the center I will probably stick to black and climb into jeans for non-working days.  I always try to be trendy and fabulous but it just never feels quite right. That said, I did buy a pair of leather leggings, a leather jacket (above–pre movie date last week….see below, it was scary!) and a big, furry leopard print coat!

What would YOU wear if you went to fashion week??


Mama { Penny At The Movies }

by Penny on January 17, 2013

My dad and I have a movie date Friday to see this. I love movie dates with my dad! Hopefully we have time to hit a bar and have a few drinks beforehand.

Do you like scary movies? Gah, can’t wait!

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Nevada City Craft Fair

by Penny on December 21, 2012

Photo courtesy of Erin Thiem

I participated in my first craft fair, and it was a lot of fun! Not as much fun as it was work, but I am glad I did it :-) I haven’t downloaded any photos but I was able to pull a few from the event site’s website and was also given a few from the lovely Erin who took a few nice shots in the booth.

Clockwise from top left: Me looking kind of fat and a lot goofy in my booth, one of the rooms, new friends!

Photos courtesy of Jesse Locks

Photo courtesy of Erin Thiem

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I Love You Tate

by Penny on December 17, 2012



Halfpence Design

by Penny on December 13, 2012

I am participating in my first craft fair this weekend and I used it as an opportunity to make some investments in HD. I designed and ordered catalogs, ordered stock of prints, bought tables and frames, business cards, signage, wrapped up some in-progress designs, had some letterpress prints made….tons of stuff. I haven’t been sleeping all that much :-)

I’m really excited to see how it goes! I also finally made a website, although I have not been able to get any e-commerce going, so Etsy will have to do for now. Check it out when you have a moment!

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