Checking In

by Penny on November 11, 2011

Well hellooooooo strangers :-) Life has been beyond insane for the past few weeks, whew! Work is intense but I still love it. I’ve been doing considerably more art directing than I was anticipating–in fact, that’s about all I do–which is great fun. I’m starting to see some of my design proofs come in which is really cool.

Halloween came and went fast; I had nothing planned for Tate so I gave him the kitty ears I’ve been wearing for the past few years and attempted to draw a cat nose and whiskers on his face with eyeliner (didn’t get too far, of course). We took him out around the neighborhood so he could see the other kids, but not before he gave Sierra a big Tate kiss. A Tate kiss involves a face dive into either animal with a wide open mouth.

I had a birthday a few weeks ago–no time for anything super special, but Todd made me dinner. Last weekend we went to Santa Cruz with my parents–a belated birthday trip for my mom–and it was so much fun. We rented a nice place right across from the beach (and the boardwalk), Todd bought some new board games and we bought fresh crab and shrimp and petrale sole for dinner…..yum. I will post some photos soon. I’ve managed to get a few more things up into the Etsy shop. It’s a work in progress, but I’m enjoying moving slowly on the project. I’ve been taking my time ordering paper samples and trying to find the best stock for prints.

Tate has not adjusted well to the time change and is waking up in the middle of the night, which means lots of Red Bull for mom. Tonight Todd and I are having dinner with some friends and staying in SF. We’re going to Foreign Cinema, and I am super excited. I’ve been for lunch but never at night when they show films! I’m taking the day to do some market research in the city for work, and I’m hoping to finally make it to a few shops I’ve been eying, like Urban Nest and BellJar. Then, of course, there are the old standbys–Britax Fabrics, Gumps, Flax…..I LOVE FLAX.

It’s going to be raining today and I can’t wait to get into a bath at the hotel with a glass of wine (and maybe watch Breaking Bad on my laptop) and wait for Todd to get in from his conference. I’ve started thinking about some fall shopping, and I’ve been gathering some things I like on Pinterest. I haven’t done any proper shopping in such a long time, and I am so excited. Have you made any purchases yet? Loving any trends?

Hope you’re all well, miss you bunches!


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